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    I designed this header in photoshop and its kicking my butt trying to code it up right in CSS with it being flixable a bit also. not just fixed.

    here is the link to the image:

    im wasting the entire morning trying to do it, so im asking for any help i can get.

    as you can see i need the pag-wrap to be centered at about 80% page width. but behind the page header i need the header colors to be full length, orange on the left and light green on the right. Its a bit harder that it looks. Im sure thee is a solution but obviously I havent done this before.

    I have code as:


    How would you guys do it? i can slice up the images and use as backgrounds in header-left and header-right, but cant figure out how to have the header colors extend full width


    Hmm.. I put the HTML code between so im not sure why its not showing correctly. much is even missing. So help with that also.


    @norman144 Try to recreate the situation using if possible and share the link here so we can all work actively to find a solution :)


    It looks simple enough to me although you will need an image for the ‘arrow’ end.


    thanks Paulie_D and AmruthPillai. I was able to find a solution that worked, although it is far more complex than Paulie_D’s version, will I will use some of :-).

    I also totally forgot about using likely because my code wasn’t working, but i will in future. A good learning experience. so thanks all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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