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    Howdy yall, so normally the clients i work with already have hosting and for my personal (portfolio) website i just use some free site. Well my portfolio has been expanding alot.

    I just want to know of a really good hosting site, nothing crazy though $$$$, because the site is mostly static, using a little php, tons of js/plugins/ etc.

    I will probably only have a max of 500pages.

    If yall could hook me up with personal experiences because i know i can google all this info but for real, i value your word than the internets.

    Thanks gents/lacies..


    I would like to know some suggestions as well. Currently i am with $3 a month full CPanel access everything i have need thus far is available to me and i think this is a good price.


    I have had excellent results over the years with GoDaddy. Their interface is pretty easy to get the hang of and if you get stuck with anything, you can get phone support 24 hours per day. I am in the US and when I call, I get a native english speaking person. They have several other call centers and depending on the country you are calling from, you get someone that you can easily understand as well.

    There are other cheaper alternatives out there but For the extra buck or two per month, the easy to use interface and awesome technical support is well worth it!


    I absolutely despise GoDaddy. I think their product is terrible and I always try to steer my clients clear of it.

    Personally, I love using Stablehost. I think their product is great and I’ve always had really quick customer service in the very few times that I’ve needed it. The problem with this type of question is that there are so many different providers out there and everybody has different experiences with them. I can only speak from my own personal experience.

    Shameless self promotion: They’ve given me a coupon code, much like Mediatemple have given Chris on the Deals page. If you use the code `GiveMe40` you’ll get 40% off your first order at StableHost.


    I second Stablehost. Using @TheDoc’s referral is a bonus.



    SUCCESS! Thanks gentlemen. I have done a lot of reading on this and i have heard many bad things about GoDaddy but very good things about Stablehost and Bigwefish. Thanks @TheDoc & ChristopherBurton for the suggestions as well as @JDS.

    Thanks for the code as well


    As a previous customer of BigWetFish, I cannot recommend them; their customer service isn’t that good. I’m now with Media Temple, and they are fantastic!


    Thanks for the feedback, customer service is important to me because well, if i have problems i want em fixed and fast lol.. I have done investigating into Media Temple and although their services look great, it may seem a little overkill for what i require.

    , im in the same boat. I have heard many bad things, and few good. I too have never used them for hosting (i’ve bought a few domains and that experience was pleasant).

    Thanks for the feedback guys, i really appreciate it.


    @JoshWhite + @joshuanhibbert – I was with MediaTemple for a while as well. I thought they were great, good customer support. The problem is that I feel like their (gs) product suffers a bit with performance more than it should. If you need more than their (gs) than they are probably a great solution.


    I’ve heard the same with their ‘gs’ hosting service having random downtime.

    I use Stablehost for hosting my site files. I used to have them host my domains but I feel there pricing isn’t all that competitive so I went with GoDaddy.


    I have my website hosted with 000webhost for free at the minute but it’s playing on my mind a bit.

    Their service isn’t too bad to be fair. The site loads relatively quickly but their FTP back end usually locks me out which means I have to log in again.

    I have just purchased the 6 month stable deal on StableHost, thanks to you guys. Never heard of them before. Also used the GiveMe50 code and got it for £11 ;) thanks.


    I’ve been using Arvixe for about 2 years now and they have been flawless thus far. Best customer service I’ve had to deal with. Work uses HostGator and I half to say, while I don’t like the website, their customer services has also been excellent.

    – I originally started with 000webhost. Their free product worked very well until they cancelled my account. They refused to tell me why, only claiming that I broke their terms of service. I found out a few weeks later that they shut me down because I installed an application with one of their auto-installer applications which sent out emails for specific processes (new registration). I tested it a few times and because it sent out 5 emails within an hour, they shut me down for making “a spam site”. Biggest BS ever.

    Also, your website is throwing a “Error establishing a database connection” message.


    I know i dont know why though. It may be that my domain hasn’t propagated yet, I have edited the wp-config.php file and pointed the domain at 123-reg to the stablehost. But still nothing, I have no idea why it isnt working.


    @pmac627 Duhh! I never added myself as a user to the database. Once I done that everything was fine. Can’t believe how quickly it has been changed over.

    I’m kind of glad that I’m off free hosting to be honest as it puts my mind at rest. It seems to be loading my cufon font quicker too. Usually I would see Georgia and then it changes but it seems instantly happening now.

    All in all I’m happy :) thanks for the recommendations guys.


    Media Temple has been my web host since the mid 2000’s and I’ve always been super happy with them. Also, if you go to the “Deals” section on this site, you can get 20% off, which I used and now only pay $16/mo. Their customer service is awesome and you can call them 24/7 and talk to a real person! Good luck.

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