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    Well, after procrastinating for the passed week, I finally got the front page done. I’m trying to start my own web design service, and this is my main site for the business. It’s also somewhat responsive and I did that best I could for that matter.

    Any coding or designing tips would be appreciated.

    Here’s the website

    This si how the blog would look.




    It seems these ‘flat’ designs are the rage now and I’m actually trying a couple out myself on a couple of projects.

    My 2 cents is too much ‘below the fold’…I recommend moving the nav up as, I assume, the ‘start a website’ call-to-action is the most important element.

    Maybe move the nav to the top, make it ‘sticky’ and put your sm icons smaller on the same line?

    Good luck!



    Thanks for the feedback. I’m sort of trying to avoid sticky navigation as I dislike it personally. I will move the navigation up a bit though.

    I’m also wondering if an actual background would look good instead of that box graphic I made. A lot of websites look too similar with the full width background though… We’ll see.

    And yes, the flat designs are really popular these days. At first I hated them, but I thought to my self that I should just try and adapt to the new trends.

    Trends come and go. :)


    Its wonderful :)
    It matches well with the background image.

    I would maybe change the slogan “AND SEE WHERE IT WILL LEAD YOU.”
    Other words for “let me take you on a magical trip in a probably trouble-less way to create your webinstance”

    I also like the red/white contrast you put up there.

    the huge facebook and twitter icons look a bit intimidating, but they vanish completely when scaling the website down. I love the way it scales down and how the menu eventually becomes a slide-in navigation.

    The most important thing is of course missing yet – the content.
    We will see how nice it will play together when the content is already out there :)


    Other words for “let me take you on a magical trip in a probably trouble-less way to create your webinstance”

    This definitely.

    One can tell that this was written by someone who’s first language is NOT English. I mean no disrespect but as an ‘actual’ Englishman it’s obvious,

    “magical trip” – Are you Walt Disney and does this really sound professional?

    “probably” – Lose that…why even raise the possibility.

    “trouble-less” – “trouble free” is better.

    “webinstance” – “website” or “web presence” is much better.


    Paulie_D I tried to tell how the slogan sounds to me. Not that he actually should use that what I said. I exaggerated a bit on that one.
    But yes you are right. English is not my first language.

    All I wanted to say that “and see where it leads you” sounds a bit uncertain and that there is a probability that it turns out, that its not so nice to be his customer.


    The current quote could use a bit of a spruce up. I don’t want to make it too long though; just something simple.

    Thanks for the feedback. Content will come soon once I get the pages up and running.

    I’ll be using WordPress as my main CMS for this site and use it as a custom theme so I can integrate the blog easier.


    I added some pages to the site, as well as the blog style. Once it’s in wordpress, it’ll be dynamic.

    about page
    blog page

    The front page also has the blog posts as well.


    Use different colours for links & key words. When a word you simply want to emphasis is in the same colour as a link, the user presumes it too is a link yet when the word is clicked… nothing.


    Use the newest Twitter icon. Drives me insane when people don’t because it looks like you haven’t updated your site in years.

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