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    I JUST started working on a new design and was about to use a DIV as the wrapper for the main page of my wordpress blog. Then I thought, “why not a Section tag?”

    i know some have suggested against that, but i did some searched and reread just to be sure, then the “nav” tag popped into my head.

    Currently for archive pages (list of headlines, excerpts, and maybe a thumbnail, but NO entire posts), i organize them inside of an Organized List, since they are in fact an organized list of posts in the archive.

    But they are also navigation to different parts of my blog. The W3C spec states that the nav element “represents a section of a document that links to other documents or to parts within the document itself; that is, a section of navigation links”

    That sounds like the archive listing, even on the main page of the blog, to me.

    Just wanted to get peoples opinions on this

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    Post excerpt text. Blah blah blah.

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    i currently do use the article tag for each individual part in the list, my question is more about the validity of using something like…

    nav#archives > ol > li > article

    my view is that the archives page is a large list of navigation links to the different stories on my blog

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