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    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I’d appreciate some feedback from my new site:


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    Hey Adam, welcome to the forums…

    I noticed a typo in your opening header paragraph…

    Hi, my name is Adam Kalcic and I’m Web designer from Youngstown, Ohio. Feel free to browse through my portfolio or contact me if your interested in discussing a your Web presence.

    I’m assuming you didn’t mean to add the "a" in "discussing a your Web presence."

    Also, you may want to rethink "some of your skills…" I understand what you mean, as will others on this forum, but when you’re trying to get jobs, who will be contacting you? Someone who knows all about website design, and is well versed in it’s jargon? 99% of the time, it will be the opposite… someone who knows very little or nothing about web design… especially since you’re trying to focus on small businesses etc. If they understood what Valid CSS meant, they probably don’t need your services.

    So, point is, there’s no need to say a bunch of fancy words if your target audience isn’t going to understand. What does someone shopping for a website understand? How about "Affordable" or "beautifully crafted" or "Fit to the needs of your business." If you don’t speak their language, it may intimidate them, and you have lost a client.

    Just my opinion and 2 cents. ;)

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    Thanks for the info milehigh.

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    Nice, I like the changes… reads better. AND you kept in "today’s Web standards" which is great because that sounds just specialized enough but not intimidating like "I develop for Joomla as a CMS, love using .png files that I make in PS, and always write my own XHTML and of course, always external CSS! So what services does your business, "Joe’s Donuts" need?


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