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    Hello, I’m new to these forums. First off, this site is great. *claps for Chris*

    Here’s my latest work I did for a friend…

    Tell me what you think. Thanks.


    Looks pretty good if you ask me. :)

    2 feedback points, do with them whatever you want:

    1) the site gives a bit of squeezed in a box feeling to me somehow. Maybe its an idea to move the content and left menu a bit lower to give the top menu /header some more space of its own. (or only the left menu a bit so the word portfolio is the same height as the first photo / text heading).

    2) the footer text has no font, so it defaults to times for me. The rest of your site is arial so it different and it looks a bit weird if you ask me. Maybe change it to arial aswell.


    Wouldn’t it be better if you created the menu with the sliding-doors technique? ( Then the hover-effect graphic could load simoultaneously with the normal non-hover graphic.

    Is it because of the lightbox that the photographs takes a while to load? I’m currently sitting on a 100MB/s broadband and yet it takes 4-7 seconds to finish loading them.


    I like it but since one of the topics is nudity I’d respect a public my maturity warning on a cover page or the main 1.

    A few more colors and som Java would be nice :geek:


    I think it looks good. Personally, I’m one for dark designs. And I agree with Chris that lightboxes do look best on a dark page.

    A maturity warning on the page for "nudes," I’m not so sure of.. I mean come on, it’s not pornography. I think about 90% of the photographers out there with nudes on their sites don’t have anything of the sort. Kind of takes away from the idea of it being "art"…. only my opinion of course. (makes me think that one day they’ll be putting maturity warnings on swimsuit ads)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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