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    I just started learning html and css stuff a couple of weeks ago. I know I should start of easy but I decided to base my first website on WordPress.

    A friend of mine has a bar/pub targetting people between 16 and 106 ;) who like a good beer and some good blues and rock music. But now he wants to start something else targetting young people (besides the pub). K club should stand for parties and small live performances, going from latin parties to live rock bands.

    so this is the site i came up with:

    The pictures above will be replaced with wider pictures of accents which make the place unique. The pictures on the left are for suppliers who want to do something special and want some extra advertising.

    Still a lot of work translating and finetuning but you can see the big picture.

    I’m not entirely satisfied. I’m not a designer at all. And one can tell by looking at this site ;)

    some feedback would be welcome


    I may be wrong, but it looks like you designed this in HTML. I would recommend first designing websites in a graphic editor as it’s much easier to make large changes. Then when you’re happy with the design, convert it into HTML.

    That being said, I would add more padding inside your main grey box. Everything is way to close to the left side.
    I would get rid of one of the rotating image boxes; there’s just too much going on on the page. I would turn the top one into an actual header, with an image or graphic that "overlaps" with the main logo to tie it into a header.

    There’s my ramblings.


    I started with a small drawing on a piece of paper. With "graphic editor" you probably mean photoshop or the gimp or similar? I tried photoshop and it took me two hours to add gradient to something :oops: That’s why I said it shows i’m not a designer. But I’m going to ask a friend of mine who’s a professional designer to create something.

    About the two image sliders. I first made it with just one in the sidebar and a fixed image in the header. But my friend (the bar owner) just wants to see things move. :? As long as there are things moving, he’s happy ;) But I was thinking about slowing down the top banner so a visitor doesn’t notice it changing. More time between the changes and the changes themselves much slower. So one may think "damn, I’m sure that was another picture before"
    But you may be right to change the header so it looks like one piece.

    The main reason I wasn’t entirely satisfied was because of the background. It seems boring to just use one color. Maybe it would look better with a white background


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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