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    I need to build a shopping cart for a client but have never built one before. I am sure that i can handle the design aspect of it, but i am unsure of how to be certian that i make it secure. I am curious if anyone here could give me some advice and/or tips on how to do this job correectly. Thanks in advance for any help.



    I’m sure there are a bunch of people who will be able to help you out :)

    Interestingly I was in the same talk with my developer colleague recently, our views are pretty much the same, unless you want to dedicate time towards ensuring most security holes are patched up it’s probably best to just use something already-made and proven.

    Obviously if you have to make your own custom one and you have all the required knowledge, go for it.

    Best of luck!


    Afet reading my post, i seem to have maybe mislead everyone a bit. I am asking what shopping cart platform everyone is using and how secure are they?


    I’ve used both Google checkout and foxycart before, both have proved very reliable and secure.


    I just actually had to create my first shopping cart and spent a lot of time researching which to go with. I knew for sure I wanted to stay clear of any cart that was table based which immediately eliminated a bunch out there.

    I was looking into PrestaCart, Magento, and Open Cart if I remember correct, and ended up going with Magento. Magento was definitely one of the harder ones to pick up right away but my website just launched about a month ago and I am so glad that I chose it. In order to meet PCI security standards I am getting the cart scanned for vulnerabilities and the Magento cart had none, to be PCI compliant I only had to make about 3 changes to my server settings.

    In fact everything about the cart has been great so far, the only complaint I would have is lack of consistent documentation (a lot of solutions people suggest editing core files rather than using update files) and many people recommend running it at least on a VPS…. I have’t actually tried running it on shared hosting but from what I hear its rather slow compared to a VPS.


    @rdonahue… thanks for the info. I have actually been leaning toward Magento myself.


    I tried the WP-eCommerce plugin for one wordpress site and I wasn’t too happy with it. Doesn’t allow for much control over things. I went with Shopp instead and even though you have to pay a small price for it, it is very well integrated into WordPress and has many features. Still somewhat new and there are issues being worked on of course but they are always updating.

    There are many other e-commerce solutions out there. I think it really comes down to what the client needs and how easy it would be to put it together for them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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