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    Real quick question for ya’ll. I’m a new web designer and was wondering if having multiple CSS files (like 3-5) was common for a regular web site.

    Is it? How many is common? When I’m fiddling with designs I often make a css file for the home page, about, contact, etc…

    Any advice on this is much appreciated. Thanks!


    1-3 is common then?

    I was just wondering. I’m new so I was just making styles for all my pages. Thanks for the your input!


    your whole site, every page’s id’s classes should be on the one CSS file.

    remember you can re-use Id’d on instance per page or if your going to have more instances of the same thing (I.E. links, all links should look the same) then use classes – style accordingly.

    you may have a style sheet for the web page screen, a CSS for Print, A CSS for maybe problematic IE6, if neccissary (hopefully not)

    let your coding work for you, don’t over code, it saves time and makes the site look uniform


    Thanks for your replies guys! I really appreciate all your input.

    You guys are awesome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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