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    Hello, I’m thinking about mimicking the jump links that can be found along the scrollbar on (select articles). I thought this was a cool effect, and was wondering if it would be useful to anyone?

    Example –

    I’ve considered the best way to write the markup for something like this – and think it may work well for articles especially. I’m thinking that the best way would be to create a table of contents at the beginning of an article that would link to specific divs further on down the page. This TOC and the jump-links would be hidden from anyone with javascript enabled, though jQuery could use the position and information within the jump-links to position them along the scrollbar. For example, if a jump link div were positioned 63% down of the total page height, then the jump link would be positioned 63% down the scrollbar.

    Worth a bit of coding, or no? What do you guys think?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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