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    This may seem like a basic basic question.

    I have a rather large website going live in 3 weeks, and I have been working on the website on an alternative URL. Inside here I have created the pages of the website as "pages" etc.

    If I copy the theme, export the database from the development URL (siteA) and upload the theme, and import the database into the "live" URL (siteB)- will all the pages from the development URL come across with all the relevant content in the correct place?

    I need to know this before I start dropping in the correct copy for the website into the development URL.

    I have read:

    But to be honest – I just want verification – as they don’t say it in that article! :?:

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    you have to change the addresses in the database also. There are somewhere around 3 places in the database that have the address. You need to find them all. Some of them might be on other pages in the same table. like wp_options have it on a few pages.

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    yep i understand that – but what i need to know is if i spend a few hours dropping in all the content into siteA and having it 100% perfect, when I migrate across and upload the DB and the theme etc, that the pages will get replicated. I don’t want to waste my time and doubling up on work :-)


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    The idea is that all the pages exist in the database. So if you upload the database, then yes, they will be there as long as you make sure to change the address in all the right spots. Otherwise you will get a page can not be displayed error.

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    I typically build the theme on my localhost server, not connecting any of the pages to anything, just building all of the visuals. Then I just create a brand new WP database on the destination server, upload WP files and install it, then hook everything up. I can generally get everything functioning within 20 minutes doing it that way.

    Does moving the site from point A to point B save time in the long run? Or does it really matter? My thinking is going through all the trouble might be only worth it if you are migrating an existing site with a ton of content.

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    why not just password protect the directory and build it live. That way, not one can access it until you are ready and you won’t need to move it. This is something new I am thinking of doing as I have worked with them on localhost also, but have had trouble getting the pages to show. The site normally shows fine but sometimes It’s hard to get the pages to show up.

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    yeah that sounds like it might work, unless there is an existing html site already up and you don’t want to disturb it.

    What I generally do is build all the different custom page templates and swap them out on the default page. So each page is developed just on the one page and I never build anything beyond that.

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    I had this question a few weeks back.

    Here’s what I’m doing:

    0. create db on live hosting.
    1. upload wordpress to the live hosting in a sub dir like "wp"
    2. turn off search engine access in wordpress.
    3. populate wordpress db with real content.
    4. develop theme.
    5. when ready to go live change the WordPress URL in the General Settings and move the index file to the root.

    Again it’s all here towards the end of the thead:

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