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    Hello. What are the necessary or must-have skills and knowledge before moving on to WordPress?
    Currently I only know html and CSS. I’ve been using it to develop some sites. Self-taught. Thanks to this awesome site.
    Or should I learn JavaScript or PHP first before moving on to WordPress?

    And if you know some links or books, please let me know so I could look on it too.



    Really, knowing HTML & CSS is a fantastic start to moving to WordPress. When I first started dealing with WP I had pretty much zero PHP knowledge as well. There were some learning curves and I had to keep things basic (and do a lot of copy/pasting from snippet sites) but eventually your exposure to it helps you learn.

    I’d be silly if I didn’t mention Chris’ book, Digging Into WordPress.


    Definitely PHP first, WP is based on it. As Doc said, a basic understanding of PHP and copy/paste will get you started.


    Thanks @TheDoc and @virtual
    OK then I’ll go with PHP first, maybe at least some basic understanding on it.
    Do you have some articles where I could start?


    I’d say HTML/CSS is necessary, then PHP. I’m now pretty capable on WP and started off having zero knowledge of PHP. As TheDoc said you pick it up as you go, there are so many resources to help you.


    @cybershot..thanks for the useful link..
    again thanks to all..

    i really love this really helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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