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    I am new to programing. I have a art/design background and am building a site from tutorials. I have modeled the site word for word (accept for asthetic ammends) from Chris’ template and when I check on the local host the site keeps collapsing. I pushed through to the second tutorial to see if the sidebar would create the structure for the page but it is still collapsed. I am wondering if it is because I downloaded a newer version of WP. It looks fine when I check the static locally in the browser. It would be great if Chris could answer or anyone who is familiar with the Lynda videos. I don’t have a link to send because the site is not live. I can paste the code if anyone is willing to help.

    BTW Chris is an awesome teacher. Even though my page won’t load, his lesson are an incredible combination of inspiration and knowledge.



    Thanks virtual, I added the code but it is still collapsed. Logically it makes sense that would be the problem because my header is ok and it seems like there is no page wrap because there is no padding on the sides either. Here is the code I added but it still doesn’t work. Did I write it wrong?

    Not Found

    thanks so much, I really appreciate it. BTW, what other problems did you have?



    It fixed some of it but it is still collapsed. Did you add anything to the style.css file. The code creates an id tag of ‘main-content’ but there is no styling in css, does that matter?

    Chris Coyier

    Here’s some points related to this thread:

    – The version of WordPress shouldn’t make any difference, if there is things collapsing it’s related to HTML and the CSS affecting that HTML.

    – The best way to get debugging help is to have a live URL. I know it’s way easier to work locally, but in times of need, a good way to do it is to put up a subdomain on a live site like and work from there temporarily so other people can see the issue.

    – In this course, from video to video, there are some parts of the coding that get skipped over. This was necessary to keep things moving along. The best way to handle this (if you are following along step by step exactly) is to grab the course files from the next movie (requires the higher subscription type) and compare from there and see what’s going on.

    – With access to the course files, you can also grab the totally finished theme and export XML, that way you could upload that theme and always have a finished working theme to reference.

    – Many of the images in this course, specifically the product images, are located in the ROOT. It was done this way on purpose, because philosophically I think images like that are related to the site itself, not the theme. So there should be a “product-images” folder in the root (comes with the course files) and product images are referenced with file paths that start with “/”.

    Any other questions, let me know!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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