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    This may seem like an odd question for someone who’s been coding for touch events for a while but I’ve never actually had the chance so far to experiment extensively with a mobile device.

    I would like to do a vertical swipe but what would be the most logical response? Swipe up – making the segment below visible (so basically scrolling the page down) or is vertical swiping more like scrolling, that went you touch the screen downward the page follows that direction? Seems a reverse logic compared to left and right but I don’t know what’s common. Overflow is hidden so there’s no scrollbar. Swiping will replace this.

    I’d google but all I find are swipe plugin pages (with no mouse enabled).

    Thanks in advance.


    Users expect a page to scroll down when you swipe up, and vice versa (just like swiping left causes the page to scroll right). It’s like you’re “dragging” the entire page in the direction of your swipe.

    It’s the exact opposite of a scroll wheel: scrolling the wheel down will also make the page scroll down.

    That’s the logical response to me.

    In essence, when you do a directional action on the screen itself, the content should follow your finger. But when you do a directional action on a external pointing device (mousewheel, touchpad, etc.), the viewport should follow the device.


    Thanks, it sound like the same logic I was following.
    Apart from an odd topic about a Dreamweaver bug, this looks like the first useful thing I found on the general subject :

    Microsoft touchpad doc

    Can’t hurt to google a bit for more touch event insight…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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