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    Hey guys. I have a problem and i know this community is great so i figured id give it a shot.

    I have a wordpress website i was making and finished on a server that the company that outsourced this to me has with go daddy but they use it for dev purposes. It was finished and needed to be transfered to there real server. I looked up the wp codex and followed the instructions. went into the wp admin panel > settings > general and changed the wp site url’s to the new one “” from the old one which is “”. Anyway i then used transmit to ftp the site from one to the other and that was a success.
    BUT THEN…. The browser said error connecting to the database and after looking at the old site i rrealized there previous website was not a wp site so they probably didnt have a database setup.
    Now since i changed the wp admin site urls the dev url wont work and i cant access wp back end and the site looks horrible and i dont know what to do.
    Please help me somebody! :( i would be sooooo grateful..
    i need to get the site running on the new server and i dont know what to do. do i need to create a new database on there server? and the client didnt give me the host they use so how would i do so without knowing the host like go daddy where i would just login and then create i need to know the host or could i do it a diff way….

    so if someone could help me out like i said i would be extremely appreciative, and i would love you.


    ok thank you very much. So if i do the quick install of wordpress on there server itll automatically create the database i need. And i understand to use the search and replace plugin in the database to fix any broken links but when you say id havta re configure the wp-config.php file what am i reconfiguring just using the credentials like host name, username, password from the new database?


    “what am i reconfiguring just using the credentials like host name, username, password from the new database?”

    You’ll need to reset all of the above if you’re simply migrating the data from the initial database to the second. However if you’re copying all of the database oriented files to a new install and writing over the default ones, then you will need to edit the configuration file(s) accordingly.


    yea im gonna be copying all of the database oriented files over i guess. The site was made on a dev server and all the posts and pages and pictures and everything needs to be transfered over to the real server. with that said when you say ” then you will need to edit the configurqation files accordingly” what do you mean? do you mean going in the wp-config and getting all knew passcode phrases and everything? and implementing the new databases username, password, hostname and etc? is there any other steps that i would need to take to get a successful transfer? i just dont wanna screw anything up or lose anything..the site is backed up but still .. thank you


    You need to create a new database on your host. Then import your local DB into it.

    Here’s how to export your DB:



    OK Heres the problem. I was following instructions i found online.. i went into the admin>general>settings and changed both uri’s from the dev server “” to the server its going to “” then via ftp transferred everything to the new server. when i went back to “” since i made that change in the admin panel i can not get back into the admin because its pointing to a diff uri… that being said the dev server is a godaddy account. if i log into go daddy, goto myphpadmin, and back up the database that was used .. will i be able to use it bringing it to the new server..its a completely different server .. pretty much i just need to get the site to a new server



    You’ll need to go to the database that you were working from and export it using the instructions that I gave above.

    Then on your new server, you’ll create a new database and ‘import’ the file that you exported earlier.

    You’ll need to update your wp-config.php file as well, making sure to update it with your new database information.

    You’ll also want to make sure that all of the URLs in the database have been updated. You can do that with this plugin if you like: (you can delete the plugin after you’ve used it)


    thank you very very very much. I will let you know how it goes

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