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    I am new to javascript and would like to get the menufader to reveal multiple divs


    Now it only make visible a div and not the childsclass of these last one.

    If somebody has a clu that would lead me somewhere, ike a tutorial on multiple function for javascript, that would be awesome.



    oh maybe it’s easier. It affects all inside divs to display none.
    If it can only affect the top div and not the childs that would solve it.


    well i guess i solved it. maybe a bit dirt but it works

    if added:


    after this one

    $(“#content”).find(“div:visible”).fadeOut(“fast”, function(){
    //once the fade out is completed, we start to fade in the right div

    If somebody as a better trick let me know :)


    well all was going fine until I tested freaking IE. even 7 breaks on me.

    Trying to figure things out again:P

    here’s my latest code. If somebody knows the trick let me know :)


    sorry no one has been here to help dude, but hopefully someone with jQuery knowledge can help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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