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    From the ‘Designing for WordPress’ series from Chris i’ve begun designing my website. It’s going pretty well i think for the first time.

    In my menu i have made a sprite with my menu-items within it. I want to give each menu-item a background with the button.

    But my button isn’t displaying correctly.

    Here’s the lnk to my site:

    If you have any questions, shoot me!

    P.s.: sorry for my crappy english, i’m form Belgium.


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    I visited the site. However, it doesn’t look like you are applying the background to the navigation items — I don’t see anything in the CSS that would add a background to any of the nav items. Perhaps you need to upload your most recent changes?

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    there is a feature in Firebug for FF called Inspect. Click on the item on the screen and Firebug shows you the
    HTML and CSS code which generates the display.

    Inspect button is on the top left part of the Firebug screen, and it is a great feature for identifying things like
    this. it shows you what is, not what you think is.


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    Chris Coyier has a screencast on it, in case you haven’t worked with Firebug before: … o-firebug/

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