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    I think this may be a fairly common/newbish question but I’ve never found a decent answer I can understand without reading 10 pages of posts.

    I have a single container that has a margin-top of 10px. Easy enough.
    I have an overlay container that will act as a modal overlay that covers the entire screen. It’s fixed 100% of the screen.

    Why does the margin on the first element push everything down?
    [The Pen!]( “The Pen!”)

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    You seem to have identified the problem. Can you not just remove the margin-top?

    In most cases, what is really required is padding…not margin.

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    If you want that first element on the page to have space between it and the top of the page… what do you do without a margin on the element… or padding on the body?

    Both have the same effect I’m trying to side-step.

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    The element by itself is irrelevant. Put padding on the content of the element and you’ll get what you want….probably.

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    not if it has a border and you don’t want that border to butt up against the edge of the page.

    I’m not sure if you took a look, but I made a simple lil’ pen:


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    The margin on .first-element is actually sticking out of the parent (body in this case). This is normal and correct behavior. Normally you can stop it from doing so with a top margin or top padding on the parent, or overflow: hidden; on the parent – giving it a new formatting context which gives the element’s top margin something to ‘push’ against. In this case the overflow method won’t work – unless you also give html overflow: hidden; (body and html can sometimes behave differently than a block level parent element). A simple fix is to give .overlay top: 0;

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    Yes, super easy fix. Thank you!
    I will keep your help in mind in the future when dealing with other situations.

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    Just a note: In the third sentence, I meant to state top border or top padding on the parent element, not top margin…

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