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    I don’t have a good way to manage frontend snippets right now. I have some in github, some in evernote, some jsbins and then i have some demos that i’ve just bookmarked.

    This is obviously very inefficient and counter intuitive to the point of managing code snippets.

    I’m wondering what some of you do to solve this problem.

    I’m leaning towards doing everything in codepen.




    I also have this issue right now. My solution so far is to create a new solution (I only use visual studio and Teamfoundation.) and place all the snippets in an front-end solution.

    Will this is not the best solution but in my spare time im creating a better solution for this that is webbased (Combination of codepen, github, and much more tools you use daily).


    the challenge I have is between day job and freelancing. use different systems and keeping them in sync is a pain in the ass.

    I’m leaning towards Gist because just about everything (codepen, ide’s and everything else) support pushing to Gist. Then, Gist can be where I house completed copies of snippets.

    Maybe not 100% optimal, but best solution i can think of so far.


    I’m leaning towards doing everything in codepen.

    Yeah… that’s not what codepen is designed for.

    I’m leaning towards Gist…

    Better approach.

    Why not put all your snippets in a repo? You can clone it anywhere you need them, and keeping things up-to-date would be a snap.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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