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    I have been reading up on some information about making my website tablet and smart phone ready / responsive. When I have finished creating the main website then do I copy that and then try and re size it to suitable widths and heights?

    If i have two CSS sheets how would I make it so one would not affect the other? I already know about linking the css to header. Just nearly finished main website in design another week or two to go.


    Ideally, you should be thinking about mobile devices from the start and design accordingly.

    If you have created a desktop website based on fixed pixel width rather than percentages you have been making a lot of extra work for yourself.

    Look into media-queries and how they work and see how your site works at various breakpoints.


    Indeed, not ideal to try and do this in afterwards. You don’t need multiple stylesheets – you just address the changes as and when they happen with media queries. It’s a process to be considered early on the design as the flow / order of content needs a lot of thought.

    In this particular case if the site is already built I wouldn’t try and make it responsive (in it’s truest sense) but break the site at a mobile size and re-style independently. I think this might be called adaptive as opposed to responsive. So the site is fixed until you get to 500px or something. Skype site does this well – – However this is not what people would be consider to be Responsive Web Design…


    Ok will take all thoughts into account will have time to read when have 3 months off. work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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