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    I’m a new (highly motivated) php’er trying to make a web site where message will be send to the users’ mail.

    Now the mailing itself works fine. But the problem is that in hotmail the mail goes directly to junk mail. I saw that next to my email adress there was a text "you may not know this sender. mark as spam | mark as safe" something like that.

    The mails from facebook don’t have this. How can I make my mails pass the spam security of hotmail? I’ve tried setting up spf but that didn’t work. I’ve never done something with mail in php before so I appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance

    # January 19, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    It’s a classic problem really… with Are My Sites Up we only get a 85% or so successful delivery rate… which is a pretty terrible place to lose customers.

    plain text is better than HTML…
    don’t litter the email with links, one or two…
    be honest and clear with the writing…
    avoid words that could seem like spam to a bot reader…

    There are some fancy technological things you can do too, but they are above my head.

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