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    I know this is more of a technical question but I always thought the difference between macs and pc’s were the insides, and the reason you can’t build your own mac is that apple don’t sell the insides separately.
    You can go out and by an intel processor because it won’t be compatible with how mac’s work…
    However the new macbook pro uses intels new i7 processor, am i missing something?

    Excuse my complete lack of computer knowledge and terminology,

    Many Thanks


    It’s completely possible to build your own mac, however, it’s not exactly “legal”. They are commonly known as “hackintosh” PC’s.

    I definitely encourage people to try it out, no pirating has to be involved, at worst I’d imagine you are breaching the EULA section detailing OSX should be only installed on apple-labeled hardware. (AKA the part where apple wants you to spend 40% more on “design” of their components).

    It’s not that difficult if you have a decent understanding of PC’s. It’s not for everyone though.

    Few quick resources, though I would suggest just google around “hackintosh”:


    Thanks, I did build my own PC last year under the inpression that I would save money… Still managed to spend £700 without vat.
    I did ask then about making a mac instead and someone said it wasnt possible due to the way it works (can;t remember specifics), oh well, having never used a mac before I don’t know what i’m missing and am happy with windows….


    Yup they all have it right!

    The only thing different between a windows machine and a mac is the Operating System.

    You CAN build you’re own mac, quite easily. In fact, I’m typing this on mine right now : )

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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