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    Hey everyone, I’d love a feedback on my first website, both design and code.

    I am new to the web design world and somewhat of a career changer. I don’t have any professional, design or development, background.
    Actually, I am in a middle of my first freelance gig.

    • For the gallery I used Foundation 4
    • The email form was done in Wufoo
    • Everything else was done by me. I might have included snippets from others, but I honestly don’t remember anymore.

    Any suggestion on the design and code would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any input you can provide and your time.


    Hello zlatanart
    As the beginning certainly not bad… but your site is a bit outdated
    If you want something more effective –>

    download free templates from my page & enjoy … just edit and use



    Thank you for taking a look. I love your design.However, I don’t want to just copy someones work to sell my own web design services. I rather learn, details and all that other good stuff.

    Although, looking at your website I see what you mean by ‘outdated’.

    How could I improve my website, design and code, so that I can apply for a web design position? It’s a critique I am asking for.


    As above – the site works but from a design front it lacks somewhat.
    My advice would be to deconstruct sites that you see are well designed visually and then try to emulate them (or there best bits) in your own site to see how the code ability impacts on the design. This way you will inevitably get closer to the point of designing rather than simply planting code.

    Another method is to use any visual software i.e. P/shop, fireworks and draw designs until you start to get a feel for the visual side and then try to emulate good ones in code. (solve the puzzle).

    Hope this helps


    @Karol & @ Killomit-er

    Thank you guys for the suggestions. I’ll definitely try deconstruct/emulate approach on my design.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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