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    Part of what I’m looking for is a better description of what I’m looking for in WordPress.

    My situation is that I’m building custom post fields for someone that needs to input everything for a specific post type. So when they go to Posts > New Post > Special Category it gives them all kinds of fields to fill out.

    What I’m looking for is a way to add a new option on the left side menu in the WP Dashboard specific for these post types. I’ve seen it where a specific post type is created and corresponds with the selection on the menu. But when you add these new specific posts, they only show up there (in other words, they don’t show up as regular posts if you select “Posts” at the top).

    Hopefully I’m making sense lol. Is it taxonomies I’m looking for? I checked 4 or 5 tutorials on custom taxonomies, but those seemed to be more influential when it comes to post data on the front side. And if it’s not taxonomies, what is this functionality called? Or am I just not looking at the right tutorials? I couldn’t find it in Digging Into WP, so I’m coming with the hope someone knows of an online tutorial somewhere on how to put that together.

    Thanks in advance!

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    @JoshWhite Custom Post Types? I’m not fully understanding unless you’re speaking of that.

    Edit: can you at least create some sort of visual mockup?

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    Yeah, if you look here: link This is pretty much what I’m after. Maybe it is custom post types and I’m just not looking for the right tutorials.

    You would have a custom category, which would have it’s own button on the left. When you clicked “New” it would create a post from that specific category and it would remain separate from all the regular standard “ordinary” posts.

    Does that make better sense?

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    @JoshWhite Yes it does. Sounds like Custom Post Types. See here.


    After installing that plugin, I just create a page template like this: single-(name-of-custom-post-type).php.
    In my case this would be single-lettering.php. From there I structure the template appropriately to what I want it to output.

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    ahh very cool thanks! I’ll check it out tomorrow.

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    BTW this is an awesome plugin – my favorite feature is the “View Code” aspect, so if you are not 100% how to do it, create it with the plugin, then spit out the code to take right into your functions.php and modify it from there. Thanks for the tip!

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    Ah, yes. I forgot about adding the code into functions.php.

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