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    First the question:

    I’m looking for an intermediate level CSS tutorial on building stuff from scratch; something like the theory in the approach or blueprints.

    Sharing in reverse might be easier.

    – I’m self educated
    – Not a beginner or novice
    – Been doing WP sites including a respectable amount of CSS modification for about 3 years (on the side).
    -I feel just fine manipulating WP Themes and adding any extra custom stuff I need.

    But that’s where everything falls apart.

    I’ve sat down a few times over the years thinking, “I’ve learned a lot, I can bust this out from scratch,” and about 90 seconds later I stuck on which direction to go in; so many options.

    I gather this is because I have always learned in bits a pieces, nothing formal, and nothing sequential.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction.


    btw, i’m a video guy by day (and night). Just to clarify that I haven’t been doing this stuff for 3 years and only gotten this far lol. ~ Cheers

    Kitty Giraudel

    I remember learning a lot by redoing websites from scratch back when I was in school.

    Pick a website you feel easy enough to re-do (but not too easy). Save all the images you need in a folder. Build the homepage from scratch. No look at the source of the original site.

    It may seem pointless and frankly it is but it makes you learn a lot.



    Honestly it’s just practice. I like building site stop to bottom (`

    ` to `

    `) and one template at a time (default, home, custom stuff, etc).

    Ya that makes sense, never thought of doing an entire site (or several pages) and certainly not without looking at the code.

    I would still like to find something more formal, but what you’re saying makes a lot of sense and isn’t foreign territory by any means lol.


    I think the easiest way to go about it is to just start building a website and once you hit a bump in the road, try to look for help via forums, tutorials, etc. Once that problem is solved just keep on plugging away at it.

    Then when you start your next website hopefully you’ll be able to skip that problem (or spend significantly less time on it).

    I’ve heard this is a pretty good resource as well:


    Are you interested in building a WP theme from scratch? If so, I found it very useful to see how the other themes work and what they are doing to display content in a visual appealing way. Then start building, as suggested above. Work your way down from the header to the footer, piece by piece. It’s always a good idea to search the web for something you’re interested in doing and learn how to do it.

    I don’t know of a tutorial that will teach you how to build from scratch, but there are definitely tutorials out there about the little things. Put those together and you’ll build from scratch in no time!


    What about the Lodge on this site? He shows all the steps on how he built this site from beginning to end. See the description below.

    The Big v10 Redesign Project:┬áThis series is a complete walk-through of redesigning a website from scratch. All the way from the planning stages through visual design, through implementation, and workflow and deployment. What website? This very website! Everything you see on CSS-Tricks was meticulously considered as we went from “version 9” of this site to “version 10”. We even talk and work with other industry professionals to make it the best it can be.┬áSee Table of Contents.

    I also agree with finding a website, start building, and finding answers as you go.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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