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    I’m looking for a good way to do a “terms of service” on a page that promotes the service.
    One really good example of what I’m trying to do is when you sign up to be a member of this forum, when you click on the link to view to terms of service, they show up in the middle of the screen complete with a scroll bar. Another example is when you preview a post on this forum.

    I think that method is ideal for my site only I want to grey out the background of the original page.

    I tried looking for posts or snippets on it but didn’t see anything. I can get a hidden element to appear on a page, but to be visible on the page no matter where the user is is where I need some direction and also the best way to grey out the background.

    Another example of the background thing I’m trying to do is if you go to this site(chevrolet brazil) and click on Monte o Seu at the bottom of the specs tables.

    An added bonus would be the capability for the terms to be printed but it’s not a big deal if that can’t be done without having to open it in a new page.

    Any ideas or direction towards a tutorial or example that I can learn from would be very much appreciated.


    chris uses a plugin called facebox (or variation of) for his terms of service. can be found here… Facebox

    hope this helps


    LIGHTBOX was the word I was looking for. Thanks for that. I also found this in case anyone else is interested

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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