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    how can i save a enough long string in phpmysql in varchar or in text , am trying to but it is only getting some of few chars, but i want to add up to 50,000 words, so what will be the solution.


    i want to add up to 50,000 words…

    First, MySQL doesn’t count “words.” It counts bytes. If you’re talking about ASCII characters (e.g., the English alphabet and other characters that can be found on a typical US keyboard), then each character is one byte. Characters in other languages can be between one and four bytes apiece.

    For 50,000 words, I would guess you would need to use the LONGTEXT type. MySQL’s MEDIUMTEXT type holds about 16MB, while LONGTEXT can support up to 4GB.



    may is it possible to “normalize” data?
    May it can be split into few fields or many records. TEXT data fields are not indexed normally and are SLOWER, than VARCHAR or CHAR. If you have only ten or few hundreds records, may you test to keep one data unit in one table or all data units in two fields – one field could be record id (this will be not primary key, because many words will be assigned to this id) and field for word. Simply do tests.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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