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    Hey guys. I’ve been considering this for a while now, but I’m going to be redefining my business model, and identity. Currently, my ‘business name’ is Steven Deeds | Design With Purpose, but the last few projects I’ve been hiring on extra help, and the biz is picking up, so I wanted to get my name out of the mix and come up with a name and start a ‘studio’.

    I had three main objectives with the name. 1) Strength 2) Warmth 3) Memorable
    Other less foundational objectives 1) Maybe an animal involved 2) Wanted visual symmetry

    I chose the name ‘Love Lion Studio’. Lion is strong, Love is warm, alliteration is memorable, and its even an animal and visually symmetrical.

    Anyway, so now I’ve got two logo’s I’m deliberating over. I may or may not make up several more. But to start I’d like your opinion on these two:


    Also, I know this isn’t the best place to post this sort of discussion, but my forrst account has still not been voted in -.- , and I know I can count on you guys!

    All good things


    If I were picking between the two, I would pick option #1 – the red is much stronger and warmer. I do have some suggestions though:

    1. I like the font, but you’re going to want to extend the “L” to match the width of the other letters, or at least get close to them.
    2. I might suggestion going with a Lion’s head instead of full body, it’s a little more iconic and I feel you might be able to get a little more creative with it.


    I agree with everything @TheDoc said, I’d like to say though that if you changed the color of the heart on the second version to red you could easily pull off two different logos that work well together as well as apart. If you’re aiming for just one, I’d say pick the second one after you change the color to red.

    TL;DR: Change the second logo’s heart to red, use that. (or use both)


    i agree with @ampitere. :) change the color of the heart similar to #1. :3


    Try using similar spacing between the letters and apply that spacing between the lion graphic and the company name and between the company name and the slogan.


    I like #1. I really like the font. @TheDoc had a great suggestion about using the lions head. Maybe if you take something like this… and make it your own by shaping it into a heart like this (but better)… you could end up with something like this… Just an idea, make it your own and definitely don’t rip off the lion king logo as closely as I did. Doesn’t even need to be that “Woodcut” style, maybe a smoother iconic illustration of the same idea would fit your brand better.


    @sellenrick – you read my mind.


    Thanks for the thoughts guys! @sellenrick , thanks for taking the time to sketch up an illustration. Good Idea! I actually contemplated doing some sort of heart shaped mane for the lion, each time I did it it looked silly tho. I think it works quite well with that “woodcut” style, but not sure it would fit my branding well. @ampitere Agreed. I’m leaning toward going with the second logo with the heart more red. @TheDoc I’m messing with a lions head now, although going a different approach than what @sellenrick suggested,

    Check it out Here:
    Whatchu think? (It’s rough)

    Thanks again guys!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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