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    I’m using a jquery based slider program to display a sequence of pictures. Beneath the slider window I’ve positioned a "Print" and "PDF" button. I’m trying to sort how to have the print button print a 10 page PDF document associated with the current image in the slider box and the PDF to download the associated file. I’ve got the print and PDF functions associated with the buttons sorted, but how do I sequence the target of the two buttons to match whatever image is showing in the slider. So if "Picture #3" is showing in the slider window I need the print and PDF buttons to be associated with the respective #3 files.

    I’m a noob at this and learning slowly so use small words! Most of what I’ve learned has been through this forum so thanks in advance!


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    If I understand you correctly, you will need when you change the content in the slider replace the attributes of buttons. If you want more detailed advice, please show the code, or give a link to your site

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    Thanks – yes, that’s what I need. I can’t figure out how to get button attributes to change based on what’s appearing in the jslider window. Many thanks for any advice you can provide! The page is


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