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    So this is kinda generic questions I have since I’m new to web development, I just wanna know some things about it..

    If I have a client I’m designing and developing a website for and he wants to have the abillity to update the site regerally without my help – I should have a CMS for him.. The question is – Do I have to know php sql and such things to give him the abillity to do so? If not and CMSs are user friendlly for front end developers so how do I exactly apply my CSS and overall design to every page he creates? I’m asking just for a general answer ofcurse, just wanna know what I need to look up and learn and where is the best place to do so.. ( I rather have video tutorials)

    If I want to have a search bar in my site that search the website content – How do I do that?

    And lastly I wanna learn about having a database on my site where users can register login etc. Again, do I have to learn things like php and sql?


    Any one?


    Anything that you use to manage content is a CMS. Even Dreamwaver falls under this. But you’re not going to have your client use Dreamvaver to manage content. What you want is web-based system that gives your client the ability to add, edit and remove (manage) content. By far the most popular CMS used today is WordPress. So yes, you would need to know PHP. WordPress is extendable with various plugins so you could use it to build pretty much anything. WordPress also manages your MySQL database, so you will not have to do any manual adjustments on database level. You’ll get search capabilities as well. It’s a solid all-in-one package or CMS.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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