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    Hi all, been scouring the net forever trying to find a fix for a layout I made.

    All is well in the FF/Chrome department, but once my site loads in IE, somehow the tables don’t align correctly, and pages aren’t displaying at all plus alot more.

    There is actually alot that doesn’t load correctly in IE and was wondering if some kind soul could help me figure this out. Why IE still exists with all these limitations is beyond me :( I basically need it running like how it would run on other browsers…

    The website is
    Its a mock layout for a friend’s website I’m designing.

    PS: Some images may not be suitable for everyone. Probably stay away from the Video & Photo Gallery if you are easily offended.


    Thought I should be more elaborate on the help I need…

    I just need to divs aligned correctly, the footer fixed to the bottom and the individual pages displayed when scrolling through the site (right now, nothing is appearing on IE!! )

    Appreciate any help I could get.


    Thought I should update ya! Managed to fix the div float issues. Now the divs are aligned correctly! :D yay

    I figured that that I was missing the

    at my header. Included that and my divs started aligning :)

    Only thing now is that the pages are squished together. Gonna mess with it abit until I can find a fix.

    If anyone can help, much appreciated!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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