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    Would like some general feedback on a layout im working on…

    Thank you.


    anything? lol


    I like your ideas for layout, but have a couple comments on things I think would improve it:

    • For the image flipper, I wouldn’t fade the white background – just fade the controls and center image. I find it a little distracting because you have a very detailed background image.
    • If possible, I would update your logo to have a grey or transparent background instead of the yellow. It seems to stick out a bit.
    • I like your search box, but (at least in Firefox) the corners are yellow instead of being transparent.
    • If you zoom into the page then your social media icons start moving towards the right side of the screen and eventually completely cover the search box.
    • I would update your slider controls to have the icon in the center of the box when they pop out.

    Hope this helps and great work!


    +1 regarding the fading image+ detailed background
    also, when fading, you could close the info popup

    in ff 3.6 and ubuntu i cannot see the yellow corners nor the yellow bg of the logo


    Your #1 issue is speed. I have typed all of this after waiting 20 seconds and still no pictures.

    Edit: I just did a Page Speed score and you scored 3/100. That’s pretty damn bad dude. To me 90+ is a must. A site cannot weigh more than downloading a 3 minute song off iTunes.


    thanks to everyone for their feedback…

    im really confused about the yellow background of the logo.. as far as im concerned, i have not used yellow anywhere in this layout lol so im left really confused.. maybe it looks like that in a diff browser im not sure.. ive only really checked it in firefox and i.e…

    The image flipper… I tried many diff ways regarding the fading and I found this way to be most effective but appreciate your opinion..

    Thank you.. and yea im really confused about the ‘yellow background’.. think I might need to look into it.

    It seems to be loading fine for me, ive also asked a few mates to try it out and they said it seems to load fine but I will deffo look into it..

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback, appreciate it alot.



    Once it loads it will load fine and reasonably, I am guessing it’s due to some caching of the assets. Or it might be because of your friends connection, it could be a very good broadband connection but not everybody has it.

    Get Google Page Speed Extension, you will see the score for that particular site, like I said, its 3 out of 100.

    Try this link to get a full asset size report. The culprit are the huge images you are allowing HTML to resize. This is a no-no. Your site weighs around 5 megs, way too much, get it down to 0.5 megs.


    ahh yeh… cheers for that.. il have to resize the images.


    I checked with a couple of browsers on my computer and the yellow images only appear in Firefox 6 (I am using windows).

    Here is a screenshot I uploaded:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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