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    Kevin Mamaqi

    Hello everybody,

    I recently finished the redesign of my website. It was a blog and I wasn’t offering any service as a freelance but now I do.

    The goals are to turn visits into customers, just for specific projects and creating B2B relations with other designers/developers into my community.

    Website ->

    I really appreciate your feedback, thanks.


    The page looks clear, simple and aesthetic.

    • Not multilingual > If your public target are exclusively Spanish speakers, there’s no reason to translate it.
      Otherwise It’s important to make it available for everyone.
    • Few not working links under “Servicios” :
      Producto →
      Web →
      Posicionamiento Online →

    As a whole, I like the page. But in my opinion there’s no much design implemented (if you meant to implement), this template is highly used and famous under the bootstrap framework. But that doesn’t say anything about being bad or good, just a preferential factor that could fit or not in your needs.

    The best wishes.

    Kevin Mamaqi

    Thank you @vladimirlisovets,

    I really appreciate your feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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