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    I’m making a site where the user who is logged in will need to be connected to a mysql database through php and will then be making changes to data.
    The user may be logged in for a very long time without doing anything and i need to connection to stay open.
    I read around and saw that the connection can stay open for 8 hours, is this still true? Also what about persistent connections, I read the description on and did’t really understand it, kept talking about child elements or something. So are they better to use? I will probably be using a pdo object to manage the connections and Idealy i would like the connection to stay open over multiple different pages so i don’t have to run a new connection each time the user views a different page.

    Thanks For Your Time.


    Hi Chris,

    someone may reply and correct me on this, but I think a better solution would be to set it up so that each time they need to access the database its opened, and then closed again once what ever function its doing is finnished.

    again, I could be completely off here and i’m sure someone will respond and correct me if i am :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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