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    I have just taken delivery of a shiny new iMac having making the decision to switch from a lifetime of PC use. Was wondering what are the best software tools for front end web development on the Mac? Fireworks for design stuff is a given for me and I’m used to using Dreamweaver for coding but I’m open to any suggestions to replace DW.

    I want a code editor which does a good job at code colouring SASS and SCSS files as DW is naff at it! Other features I like in DW are the code completion, file explorer, built in FTP and element block navigation/selection tool.

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    Sublime Text 2. You can customize your workflow as you wish.

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    Plus everyone swears by Codekit too!

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    How many threads do we have with this same exact question?

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    Sketch for design

    Sublime Text 2 for text editor

    Codekit for Compass/SASS compiler

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    Hi Chrisburton is right there been quite a few threads around this question however I just can’t help myself and say I still use Coda version 2 and I love it!

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    Hi I forgot to mention that I think I read that Gilbert Pellegrom uses Coda so it good enough for him it good enough for me!

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    > Plus everyone swears by Codekit too!

    > Codekit for Compass/SASS compiler

    Not this guy! I roll Compass through the terminal.

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    I’m a newbie and so far in love with Coda 2.

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    I was previously a netbeans fan. But then I found sublime text and I haven’t looked back. The charcoal is very easy on the eyes too.

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    Since you’re new to the Mac environment, I’ll give you a quick list of some of my most commonly used tools:

    * Sublime Text 2 for editing
    * CodeKit for compiling/minifying
    * git for version control ( & Sourcetree for those rare moments when I need a GUI for git)
    * Homebrew for dnsmasq, RVM, node.js, ack, etc, and a hand-rolled Apache server stack because I don’t like the weight of MAMP Pro.
    * Sequel Pro for managing MySQL databases
    * VirtualBox and ievms for IE testing
    * Frank de Loupe for a colorpicker
    * ClipMenu clipboard replacement/history. I use this hundreds of times a day, and it’s saved my rear a few times.
    * RescueTime is a great app for keeping track of productivity, though it takes some configuration to get set up right.
    * Billings for invoicing and time-tracking!
    * iTerm 2 terminal replacement running zsh and Oh My Zsh
    * Alfred 2 for a launcher (get the Powerpack, it’s worth the money for the workflows), can also be used to manage snippets.
    * Path Finder because I need tabs in my Finder (there are other options, but Path Finder is the end-all, be-all)
    * LibreOffice for writing documentation in .doc format if I need to
    * Adium for a chat client
    * Fantastical for a Calendar replacement (menubar app)
    * Spotify for tunes
    * Evernote to sync notes with my tablet for client meetings
    * BetterTouchTool if you use a Magic Trackpad. Just a timesaver for gesture control

    I know that’s a lot more than what you asked for, but these are all applications that I find useful in my day-to-day work.

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