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    Hi guys, I’m not (at all) familiar with JQuery and only dip my toe in once in a blue moon. However, I have a need that I simply cannot find a quick solution for – despite my conviction that such a quick solution must be available :)

    I have a div in which images may be floated amongst the text. I want to scan that div, select all the images (if any), append a

    to them, and enclose both and matching

    in their own wrapping div. Into that created paragraph block I then want to place the title attribute of said image.

    I’ve tried Google and StackOverflow, but both are coated with snippets dealing with plugins, whereas I just want a plug-and-play snippet I can place in my included js file. I have tried piecing together something myself, but it’s a mess.

    Any help at all greatly appreciated!


    Solved via StackOverflow:

    $("#yourdiv img").each(function() { //Loops through the images in a specific div. $(this) represents the current image in the loop
    $(this).addClass("yourclass"); //Add a class

    "); //Add a wrapping div

    ").text($(this).prop("title")).insertAfter($(this)); //Create a new paragraph with the title property of the image as text and put it after the image (inside our newly created div)

    I’ve included this in the Snippets gallery

    Chris Coyier

    For HTML5 semantics, I’d wrap the image in a figure and put the caption in a figcaption:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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