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    Whats going on guys/gals,

    So im familiar with the jQuery ScrollTo effect.. but I just cant seem to fully grasp how to customize it how I want / When I want.

    I read through the page for the effect, but couldnt really understand all that was said.

    Effect Im going for:

    header with navigation and logo in it at the top

    then below that,
    I have a wrapping Div with 3 separate divs inside of that wrap div.

    each of those 3 divs have sliders in them..

    my goal is to when clicked on 1 of the navigation links at the top of the page to have the content scroll to the anchor tag of corresponding div

    click on MEDIA, and the div id=”media” then scrolls to the middle of the screen.

    HOWEVER: the header’s position is set to FIXED and I want the divs below that when sliding to slide under the header.

    please shoot me some helpful information,

    all the best,


    You need to retrieve the offset() of the element. Once you have the appropriate pixels from the top of the document, you can scrollTo() that position.


    If the Header and links are 80px tall you can then scrollTo the target elements .offset() -80px. scrollTo goes moves the viewport to ‘x’px from the top of the document, so want to move 80px less (-80px).

    If the header is going to change height you can get jQuery to calculate the height first.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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