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    Please don’t flame me to death here…but I’m trying to learn jquery and had a fundemental question….

    If you’ve already asked the script to wait for the page to load with an opening $(document).ready(function(){ statement, how can you ask it to wait again?

    I’ve got an infinite carousel coming together…of which I’m using code from a tut I found. Its super clunky upon the first click to scroll right, then all subsequent clicks go smooth as silk….

    If I could have it wait twice, or cycle through once, it might clear up the clunkiness..

    I can post the code, but I’d rather try to come up with questions based on your responses and learn from you guys….

    Thanks in advance!



    Hiya, I can’t tell from your description, but I’m guessing that the images are still loading when the slider advances? Since that is why you think waiting a bit longer might help. Well, the document ready functions are called after the DOM has loaded, but the images are still in que. Maybe try using the window load event to initialize your slider:

    /* code goes here */

    These functions are called after all of the images have completed loading.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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