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    I’m having a problem with tool tips NOT showing up on hover in the jQuery generated nav within AnythingFader.
    Here’s a link to my file:
    I did get the tool tips box to finally pop-up on hover over the nav boxes by adding “title=”#” in this piece of existing code from the ‘jquery anythingfader.js’ file:
    var index = i + 1;
    var $a = $(““);
    But this is obviously not going to do what i need- which is to display a different message when hovering over the respective nav box. If the jquery is already calling an image on click through this dynamically generated nav, then is there some way to display the “title” or “alt” (tool tip), assigned to that same image, on hover?

    Can anyone help me, please? I have a client breathing down my neck…


    It looks like the tooltip script you are using doesn’t exist… I get a file error:


    Yes- like your example. Since the nav links are generated dynamically, I can’t
    put in a “title” attribute which by default results in a tooltip on
    hover (the un-styled tooltip on mac looks like a pale yellow rectangle
    with black type). So I get nothing on hover. Any ideas?


    Actually, I’d recommend just using AnythingSlider now. It does allow for fading (just not cross-fading of panels) – here is a demo.

    Actually, I’ve solved that problem in AnythingSlider by basically allowing you to apply attributes directly to the nav list (LI) or include HTML in the nav links to include a tooltip name and title. Here is the documentation (look under “Apply formatting to the tab (LI) directly”).

    Basically, it uses jQuery’s ability to create an element and apply an object with attributes, like this:

  • ', {
    class : 'tooltip',
    title : 'my nav tooltip',
    html : '' + index + ''
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    Thanks for your help, Mottie. I think I will do as you suggest.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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