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  • # January 26, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Hi everyone !

    Here is my issue,
    I’ve made a website composed by 9 squares (9 divs)
    when i click on a div, an external div is load dynamically on the main page (with "load" method)
    Now that i have new divs, i would like these divs to be a link
    in order to open a fancybox
    In standalone, the fancybox works, but when a integrate it on my website
    the fancybox doesn’t show, but a new page is displayed

    Can someone help me please ?
    ps : my website is full jquery and the plugin fancybox is buil with jquery

    here is my website :

    here is the standalone version (that works) :

    Click on the Films section (bottom left) then on the first square (up left)

    thanks for help !
    Best regards

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