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    Does anyone know of a javascript time zone plugin? (preferably for MooTools)

    I want to add a blog roll to my cms system but I am struggling to find an accurate way to set a time stamp to them.
    Anyone got any thoughts or experiences on this?

    Thanks Ad

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    adding a time stamp to your cms can be as easy as this.

    echo date("m/d/y",time())

    just google time stamp. I did that and came up with this page

    There should be enough info in there to get you what you need

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    yeah the issue with this is that its a date-stamp from the server and not the clients computer. So i was wanting some kind of javascript snippet to nicely list all the time zones and then I could make alterations from there. . .

    Its no biggy as I could just manually edit the php.ini of the server – I just know if I leave it at this then my next project will be on someone’s cheap ass server that wont let me change it.

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    well the same login applies. just google it. there are javascript methods that will find out the time from the users browser. It shouldn’t be a very big program either. You might even find the same thing in php wich i think would be better.
    Look here.

    they have all kinds of free javascript stuff and they give really good instructions on how to make it work. I am sure they will have what you want.

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    @cybershot : Thanks a heap, a page full of answers. Should be able to bodge something out of that.

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