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    at uni we have been learning mootools library and have started to implement with it and i do realy like it – however before this course i had never heard of it, and even not it seems that jquery is much more popular (therefore the community has to be bigger)

    normally when starting to learn a language (or anything) it’s good idea to stick with it, and so far i have done. though i was always interested to know if i should be investing my time to mootools – or should a leave it and move to jquery

    (there are alot of articles out there that compare the two libraries – and the conclusion seems to be what ever you find more suitable for you – however in a recent smashing mag article it stated that jquery is for designers and motools is for non-designings)

    ps – even chris writes about jquery and never mentions mootools

    look forward to your opinions


    I would look at the two. See if you can understand both. Then find a slider or something to compare the two. See how many lines of code it takes to get the slider working in mootools compared to jquery. Whoever can do it the easiest is the one you want to go with. Also look and see who is getting the most support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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