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    I want to make a javascript button counter , such that when a user clicks on a button or a link it tracks the number of clicks and it should appear somewhere in the page and also very important part : they should remain forever whenever user refreshes the page still they should appear once the button is cliked like this button has been clicked 6 times

    I am looking for javascript code but if you have php solution dont mind to give it

    Thank You!


    Please help it is urgent and i have many buttons in my webpage around 6 and want to show each of their hits to users


    As a PHP solution you could just save the amount of clicks to a database and pull it up each time the page loads! I dont know of a javascript solution or even a cookie solution if you want to see how many people have clicked on it the only way you could use javascript is to store how many time that specific individual has! Your best way forward is saving to a database or txt file each time it is clicked.


    Can you please provide me with the php code it is urgent and as i said i will have around 5-6 buttons

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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