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    I am using JavaScript to open a pop up window – In IE the yellow toolbar appears and forces the user to allow the Active X to run.

    Is there some way around this? But still using JavaScript?



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    depends what you are doing and why you need a pop up… you could use JS to put the content of the pop up in a div like a lightbox styleee then you wouldn’t need the pop up…

    If you still need all that – just add some kinda of obvious feature or graphic that says "click here" type of thing… Its user controlled you see, if they have those settings there isn’t anything you can do other than guide them through it.

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    Hey Thanks for the reply –

    I have couple of swf files that need to run – they are all different styles so the solution was pop up window –

    Can I run the swf files in a CSS light box? Will the swf still cause the active x warning?

    I did run into this solution –


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    I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, remember those? :D

    For embedding Flash in a webpage I would either use or

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    I am familiar with embedding the Flash – SO I can create a pop up window with css – then in that pop up i would use the swfobject to embed my swf file?

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    That’s about the size of it.

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    Its because you are testing your files locally? If this is the case, uploading to a server would fix this issue.

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    I am not testing locally but I also get the warning regardless of what is in the pop up window – I am not abandoning the fix for IE but because of the time constraint I need to push on – knowing they Safari & Mozilla work just fine.

    Thanks for the input

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