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    We’ve had a good few years now of mobile web development with growing uptake in mobile devices for accessing the web, with the debate between responsive and dedicated mobile design been one of the key area’s of debate.

    But with the release of windows 8, new desktop sized touchscreen technology making desktop touchscreens a more realistic price for the domestic market, the desktop enviroment is frankly starting to look more like the existing mobile enviroment for casual surfing (read: anything that doesn’t require excessive use of pointer or keyboard) but does this mean designs should move towards a mobile type enviroment interaction method, ie touch and gesture based as a default or carry on with the traditional pointer and keyboard interaction methods with stuff to adjust for mobile devices?

    Consider also things like google glass, possible interaction systems like microsofts kinetic, and smart tv’s where the enviroment might be devoid of both a pointer and tradiational touch/gesture systems.

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    Realistically, you should have been considering mobile devices long before now. The release of Windows 8 has very little impact on the current state of web design in my opinion.

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    I think you should do both because there are soooooooo manny mobile devices out thee it’s good to help them and soooo manny desktop browsers out ther too so best of both worlds.

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    heh, I do mobile and responsive design, i was just prompting a little discussion on where things are going as the desktop enviroment is becoming more mobile like ie touch screens at the desktop moving away from a tradiational pointer based interatction, but at the same time new things are coming into play that won’t even have a touch like interface.

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    One thing I talk to my clients about is the individuality of their site. Most people don’t have Analytics attached to their sites as crazy as that sounds. Sometimes I’ll see site traffic equal less than 1% and sometimes its >15%. It also depends on if they actually want to market. Mobile is becoming a bigger component of advertising and you begin seeing those mobile numbers really increase with any real marketing campaign. I always approach it based on the needs and audience.

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