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    I already learned html , but I want to cut my learning curve so that I can apply for work
    any ideas ?


    I appreciate your reply :) , thank you


    This question is like asking “Can I learn to drive without knowing how to drift”.

    CSS manipulation is only one tiny fragment that javascript can do and it isn’t really necessary to learn css to learn javascript.

    However, if you’re a bit new and aren’t doing crazy stuff like using backbone.js or node.js or something, then would say knowing css would be important.

    HTML/CSS manipulation is a great way for someone to start knowing the ins and outs of javascript.

    TL,DR: CSS not important in learning javascript as a whole, but a great way to start learning.


    Hey Amakhyon,

    There are many, many JavaScript developers out there who have very little working knowledge of CSS. To answer your question to the fullest extent of accuracy, yes, you can absolutely bypass learning CSS in favor of just learning JavaScript and HTML. You should, however, at least understand some basic CSS principles.

    If you want the most $$ for your job you should go in-depth into JavaScript as an application programmer / senior front end developer. Start working with popular libraries and frameworks such as Node.js, AngularJS, Backbone or other MVC/MVVM JavaScript frameworks. You will find these to be in high demand at the moment. We have many JavaScript developers here at our organization that know very little about CSS. It is possible, but if you plan on a career in front-end development I highly recommend CSS NOT be left out of your learning cirriculum.



    if you want to create sophisticated pages, which are very close to client demands or to create some innovative approach, you MUST know CSS. Here creativity is inexhaustible.

    For example this simple code :
    requires basic CSS knowledge.

    Second step for your curiosity will be ajax and jquery, and of course their wide perspective …. May some day Flash will not be needed completely.


    It may be hard to find a job if you advertised that you only know html and js. Since most employers would want you to trouble shoot html, css, and js issues, and typically those are the minimum required skills for an entry level job. Most likely you’ll be working with designers and they would ask you if you can do something with css or if you need an image, and of course we try to use css whenever we can instead of using images, for example for round corners, borders, hover states, things like that.
    Good luck.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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