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    Noel Forte


    I first discovered this when testing some stuff out for my own website, but it seems that some versions of iOS don’t display large background-image‘s (large in dimensions, not in size). When this happens, the background image is simply ignored and rendered as transparent, as if it were never there.

    After doing some tests, I found that my iPod touch (running iOS 6.1.6), can’t display anything larger than 1800 pixels (in any dimension). When I tested the same page on an iPhone 5, the background image became visible.

    Does anyone know why this effect occurs? I’m stumped.




    Perhaps you could share the link.

    Are you using media queries, I believe there was an issue with those not registering correctly in IOS?

    Noel Forte

    No, there aren’t any media queries.

    I’ve set up a reduced test case for demoing this issue:

    Here is what the result box looks like on my iPod Touch:

    Notice that the 1000px image is rendered, but the 2000px image isn’t visible.

    Noel Forte

    @TheDoc Thank you! I had done a bit of research on this, but wanted to be sure what the exact limitations were.

    Strangely, when I’m working with JPEGS, I run across issues where they won’t display either. Is there a specific way I should be saving said images to take advantage of subsampling?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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