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    Hi, I wanted to have a clear mind about mobile web apps. Can anyone help me find some answers?
    First of all, Is it possible to redirect a mobile user once he tries to visit a website – to a mobile version of that website?

    I have also noticed that some websites use 2 URLs to separate the desktop users from mobile users.
    If this is possible, how does it work? Should a business apply for 2 domain URLs?
    (eg. and (eg.

    If you guys know the best introduction and tutorial for dummies about mobile websites, please please share it to me ;(



    First off, the thing you see is a sub domain, most hosting allows some free ones which you can name anything.

    Second, you can do a server side redirect or js to detect device type, size, etc for redirecting. Just Google search php mobile redirect.

    Third, as far as android, you can redirect the user to the Google play app store to download, don’t know the link but like I said, Google it lol.

    Hope any of that helped, on my phone that’s why no code.


    Thanks @JohnMotylJr! That helped a lot. I have another thought to clarify, you said that is a sub domain and to achieve its usability I need a server side redirect or js to detect mobile devices, right? But is it also possible that I just create a sub folder in my domain that contains the mobile web version of my website and redirect my mobile users there?

    eg. my website domian –>
    eg. my mobile version –>

    Can it work that way if ever I don’t have a free sub domain?


    You don`t need to pay for sub domain for your website`s mobile version. It will work perfectly.


    May be you can have a look a this [Your text to link here…]( “hotels in kuala lumpur”)

    Frankly this may not be the best example but i’m just sharing. Just scroll down & click the mobile icon.

    I used sub domain coz it’s free but you need to put canonical tag. Further more i prefer mobile site compare to apps coz you’ll need to download apps.


    I was wondering how to do something like this a while back…thanks guys

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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