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    Hello everyone,
    I know very little about code, so please forgive me for my ignorance.
    For the past two days, I’ve been trying to install this mp3 player onto my website. I keep getting stuck on square one, where do I plug in mp3 player files con my web server.
    I know it should be under public_html but where in that directory?
    Second, once I do find where to put them in that directory, how do I embed the mp3 player.

    Thanks very much in advance,


    Here is the mp3 player link: … ayer/32545

    Rob MacKay

    Hey nice choice of player :)

    I would first recommend that you look in the zip file you received with your player. I know the envanto sites quite well as I have some files up on Graphic River – their rules for selling are quite strict and require a well written instruction document for installation/use.

    Other than that, it all depends on the player. As we have no access to the files without buying it ourself’s and all players work differently, depending on how they are built, you will really have to look at the documentation that comes with the player. Failing that your best bet is to contact the seller.

    Good Luck :D


    Thank you very much for replying, I really appreciate it.
    There are just a few problems the only instructions I received is quoted below.

    Look in Scripts/flash.js and you will find the location and identity of the flashvar you set for the xml file. Look at the comments at the bottom and you’ll see it there!

    And I can supply you with the files to take a look at.

    I tried embedding the player, but all that happened was a blank area, in the dimensions of the player, but no player.
    This is the code I used. (I copied it off the source of the index page that came it the player.)


    FlashVar news version

    Thanks again,


    Rob MacKay

    If you supply the full instructions and the file structure that would be better, otherwise you would be breaking licence agreement hehe :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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