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    Hey everyone!

    I’m currently working on a cross-browser development tool that works on all browsers and all debuggers (FireBug, Firefox Built-In, Chrome Built-In, Safari Built-In, IE Developer Tools, etc.).

    The basic concept is that you can open how ever many browsers you want on how ever many computers you want, and if you change CSS in one all of the others update. There will be more features later, but right now I’m focusing on the CSS portion.

    I wanted input from the CSS-Tricks on the functionality of the tool, as I think I may be over-thinking certain parts.

    Question 1:

    > If you changed CSS in a browser, and then closed or refreshed that browser several things could happen:
    > 1) Changes from that browser are removed from all other browsers. (aka you only wanted to close one browser)
    > 2) All other browsers are refreshed and you lose all changes. (aka you wanted to start from scratch on all browsers)
    > Which option would you prefer? Is there a use case for both and I should have some sort of popup on the closing browser to choose which one?

    Question 2:

    > There are two significantly different ways that I could program the “updating of other browsers” functionality.
    > 1) If you change something in “Browser A” it would add a new stylesheet to all other browsers.
    > PROS: This would allow you to see what was changed if you were inspecting code in the other browsers as well.
    > CONS: After you change something in “Browser A” if you switched to “Browser B” and changed something there, you would have to do it in the original code in order to change something in the other browsers. This may not be an issue as I’m assuming most people would work from one “master” browser and merely want to see the changes in other browsers.
    > 2) All changes are added directly to the original stylesheets in the DOM.
    > PROS: If you are going to be changing CSS in multiple browsers and tweaking this process becomes easier.
    > CONS: You lose the ability to toggle off a change and revert to the original.
    > Any ideas for this one?

    Thanks and happy coding! Also, if you think this idea is cool and have ideas for features, let me know.

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